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6th AAHRS & 3rd CAHRS Annual Scientific Meeting and Live Surgery Workshop

MAY 11 - 13


 The Asian Association of Hair Restoration Surgeons (AAHRS) conference promotes continued education and improvement in the field of hair transplantation for Asian patients. It is encouraged to freely exchange knowledge and expertise among members to promote skills to the highest caliber.




Day 1

• Reversal of the miniaturization of the hair follicle
if the holy grail - Dr. Mario Marzola
• The role of LLLT in hair loss and post-operative treatment - Dr. Jennifer Martinick
• The way to verify hairline symmetry - Dr. John Cole
• What's new in hair transplantation? - Dr. Carlos Puig

Day 3

• Live Surgery Workshop

Day 2

• How to avoid directions mistake drawing the first line - Dr. Piero Tesauro
• Graft storage solutions, conditions, and additives for hair transplantation


Where can I find ATPv at the AAHRS?

You can find ATPv at High5's booth! We look forward to seeing you in Beijing!



For a more detailed program please visit the AAHRS website by clicking here.