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Hair Transplant 360 Cadaver Workshop & FUE Hands-On Workshop

AUGUST 2 - 5


 Hair Transplant 360 is a workshop that focuses on medical professionals that are new to the field of FUE hair transplantation. The curriculum focuses on methodologies of hairline design, donor harvesting, graft dissection and placement, critical instrumentation, patient candidacy for the procedure, and more!




Day 1

• Scalp Anatomy Relevant for Every Hair Surgeon - Dr. Wasserbauer
• FUE vs. FUT Selection & Critical Thinking - Dr. True
• FUE Donor Harvesting: Principles & Techniques - Dr. Harris
• How Hair Grows (Live 3D Demo) - Dr. Lam
• Hands on Cadaver Lab

Day 3

• FUE Instrumentation & Punch Characteristics - Dr. Williams
• FUE Other Applications: Scarring, Revisions, Etc. - Dr. True

Day 2

• FUE and Strip FUT Donor Considerations (Video) - Dr. Shapiro
• Tissue Expansion, Scalp Reduction, Scalp Lifts: What Every Hair Surgeon Should Know - Dr. True
• Hands on Cadaver Lab
• How I Do It Physician Faculty Panel - Dr. Lam  & Physician Faculty


Where can I find ATPv at Hair Transplant 360?

You can find ATPv at our booth! We look forward to seeing you in St. Louis!



For a more detailed program please visit the Hair Transplant 360 website by clicking here.