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ISHRS World Live Surgery Workshop: Dubai

MARCH 8 - 10


The ISHRS World Live Surgery Workshop boasts lectures, workshops, and live surgery demonstrations. The conference will focus on a myriad of case-types including FUE,  FUT, facial hair, male, female, and repair.




Day 1 - Basics

• Scarring Alopecia - Dr. Francisco Jimenez
• Consultation and Patient Selection – Do’s and Don'ts - Dr. Jennifer Martinick
• Good Practice of Surgical Planning - Dr. Konstantinos K. Anastassakis
• Designing a Natural Hair Line in Men and Women - Dr. Robert S. Haber
• FUE Donor Analysis, Donor Size and Limits James A. Harris
• Strip Calculation, Strip Harvesting and Wound Closure - Dr. Damkerng Pathomvanich 

Day 3 - Specialize Your Knowledge  

• The Female Patient: Hair Loss, Hair Line, Hair Transplant - Dr. Melike Külahçi
• Eye Brows: Pearls and Tips - Dr. Robert S. Haber
• Unshaven FUE, the New Normal? - Dr. James A. Harris
• FUE for Repair Cases - Dr. Piero Tesauro
• Live Surgery Observational

Day 2 - Deepen Knowledge

• FUE Punch Techniques Blunt Hexagonal  - Dr. James Harris
• FUE Punch Techniques Robotic - Dr. Russell Knudsen
• Natural Looks, Hairline and Cosmesis - Jennifer Martinick
• Dealing with the Crown Area - Dr. Vincenzo Gambino
• Live Surgery Observational


Where can I find ATPv at the World Live Workshop?

You can find ATPv at Zavimed's booth! We look forward to seeing you in Dubai!



For a more detailed program please visit the World Live Surgery Workshop website by clicking here.