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Kristyn Smith 
VP, Manufacturing Manager

Kristyn Smith is the Vice-President and Manager of Manufacturing. As such, she is responsible for the day to day production of ATPv and other associated products. She also works in Research and Development for several new products that are set to be released within the next year. Prior to employment with EDS, Mrs. Smith performed research on transdermal delivery of lipid vesicles resulting in knowledge in lipid vesicle design, processing, and physical characteristics necessary for maximal dermal penetration. As a result of this research, she gained extensive knowledge about the formation of lipid vesicles and lipid vesicle preparations. Mrs. Smith graduated with her Masters of Engineering in the field of Bioengineering (Cum Laude). Mrs. Smith was previously a Quality Assurance Manager and head of Engineering Quality Control at Med-Dyne where she was trained in both 21 CFR 820 and ISO 13485 Regulations. Her current position now involves development of medical devices related to ATPv and implementing the associated documentation.


Dr. William Ehringer
CEO & Founder

Dr. William Ehringer, PhD, CEO, is the co-inventor of EDS's core technology and has led the laboratory development of its products for commercialization. A membrane biochemist and cellular physiologist, he has been involved in cell membrane and metabolic studies for more than ten years. Dr. Ehringer has published extensively in the areas of membranes and cell physiology and has expertise in whole organism studies. Dr. Ehringer was the Founder of 2 previous biotechnology start-ups and was Chief Science Officer. As a result of his leadership, Dr. Ehringer raised private equity, negotiated manufacturing and licensee agreements, and secured ~ $3 million in Federal, State, and local funding. He also negotiated the License Agreement with UofL. Dr. Ehringer is poised to guide EDS to profitability by creating a medical device version of ATPv.
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