25 mL & 50 mL

The ultimate additive to your holding solutions and culture media!  ATPv is composed of a proprietary combination of lipids that encapsulate and deliver ATP to cells that are experiencing environmental stress.  ATPv is a concentrate that is diluted into your holding solution or culture media, at ratios that vary depending on the application.  ATPv is sold in 25 cc or 50 cc bottles that should be stored at 4°-8°C when not in use.  The shelf-life of ATPv is ~60 days. 

Wound Care Spray

100 mL

One of our newest products that has been a success in the transplant surgery field!  Wounds create areas of tissue damage that must be repaired by the body in order to prevent infection.  Our Wound Care Spray contains a special blend of lipids, ATP, and buffers that help keep wounds hydrated and allow for better healing.  The product is packaged in a specially designed container that prevents contamination of the product, provides a more even distribution of applications, and is conveniently packaged for travel. 

Vitalise Skincare

1 oz

Our anti-aging skin care line is a complete package for facial skin care!  The four step process includes an Antioxidant Facial Scrub, an Advanced Cell Repair Lotion, an Age-Defying Eye Crème, and a Radiant Skin Serum.  Our Anti-aging Skin Care products use organic-sourced raw materials that are coupled with our proven benefits of our ATP delivery technology.  Packaged in 1 oz airless pumps and glass jars that be refilled for many years of use, decreasing environmental impact.  Sold as a kit or as individual components, our Anti-Aging Skin Care Line will make your skin radiant and beautiful!

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Custom Products

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Our company has over 30 years experience in the manufacture and compounding of lipids with various products.  Our state of the art facility can create a custom compound for your next project.  Please contact us for discussion and quotation.


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